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Beta Website!

Heya everyone,

Since the start of Naturva the staff team and I have agreed that we wouldn't have a website. We figured forums weren't used as much as discord and there wasn't any other reason to have one. That and website usually cost a decent amount of money to run. That was until we found a free open source forum/web software. 

From there we decided that we would set up the site for informational purposes. The software we are now using comes with many neat integrations. (Some listed below.) Syncing groups from the server to here along with signing up using your Minecraft account usernames. On top of this, we will have the forums system set up and usable. We will try it out and if it's used we can obviously keep it. If not we can always remove and keep the site for information.

Planned Features & Integrations:

  • Player group/rank integration. (Syncing server ranks to website groups.)
  • Vote integration. Allow us to show information like: Recent Voters, Top Voters (Monthly), and Information about the entire vote system.
  • Link users to our donation store.
  • Link users to our Wiki. (Coming soon!)
  • Server status. (Maybe ever server statistics page.)
  • Link into our server punishment system and display infractions.
  • Application system. (Ban appeals, Staff applications, ETC.)
  • Forums system. (Duh)

All of the features listed above will come in time. The website will also be seeing design changed in the future. Right now it's of a basic template. More to come in the future. If there are any errors or suggestions you can always report them on our discord server. I'll try my best to update this website as much as possible but discord is still the desired application where we push all updates and information.

 Note: This website in beta. Changes will occur often as well as unstable systems. Please report any and all bugs.

5 months ago